Check the Lumber Stamps, Check ‘em Twice

Findings from NELMA inspection reports through the first quarter of 2012 at facilities that manufacture wood packaging items from heat-treated (HT) lumber they’ve purchased reveal an increase in incidents where the lumber was not properly stamped, illegibly-stamped or missing stamps altogether!  When this material is found in completed units, the inspection fails and facility must undertake costly corrective measures.  For units already shipped where unmarked, half-marked, or un-readable marked lumber was used, the facility takes on a huge liability risk if the wood packaging is held in a foreign port.

There is a simple remedy to eliminate this potential issue……..check the lumber for proper HT stamps IMMEDIATELY upon delivery from the supplier.  EACH piece must have at least one HT stamp, located either on the face of the lumber or on one end.  The stamp must contain the following:

  • The unique number for the mill or facility number that heat treated the lumber
  • The registered logo or name of the accredited agency that provides their supervisory services
  • The capital letters HT

This information may also be embedded within a lumber grade stamp with additional information such as KD and grade name.

A list of all ALSC accredited agency logos may be viewed here or within the “Tools & Forms” section on the right sidebar of this newsletter.