EU and China At Odds Over ISPM 15 Definition of Re-Use of Wood Packaging

d04b111b97bf93bdb7d3c1f912655377Recent reports from the European Union, particularly from the UK, indicate that China is questioning wood packaging units entering Chinese ports that are stamped with an IPPC stamp NOT from the country from which it was shipped.  In other words, a box that was built and stamped in Germany with the manufacturers IPPC stamp, then shipped to a customer in France and not repaired, altered, or changed, then shipped from France to China……that box has come under question since it has a Germany IPPC country stamp and not one from the actual exporter in France.  This questioning affects the re-use of IPPC-stamped wood packaging units in circulation that have not been repaired, remanufactured, or altered in any way, but available for use by an exporter in a different country than its origin.

The ISPM 15 Standard states, “A unit of wood packaging that has been treated and marked in accordance with (the ISPM 15 Standard) and has not been repaired, remanufactured, or otherwise altered does not require re-treatment or re-application of the mark throughout the service life of the unit.”  This clearly allows for global use of non-repaired wood packaging.

At this time, European Union countries are working directly with AQSIQ, China’s Lead Agency in charge of ISPM 15, to try and resolve the issue and the difference of opinion on the term “re-use”.

Please note that NELMA is unaware of any stoppage of wood packaging units in China of shipments from the U.S. that may have another country’s IPPC mark.  This information is for awareness purposes only!  Please let us know if you or your customers have experienced this particular issue with China.  And as per usual, let us know if NELMA may be of any assistance at anytime by phone (207-829-6901) or email (