Exports of Eastern White Pine Reach a New Level

For the calendar year 2012, the total volume of Eastern White Pine lumber that required a NELMA-USDA Heat Treatment Certificate ended just shy of 4 million board feet (3,997,002 BF), a record for the species since Association data has been available for the program.  This figure represents a whopping 151% increase over 2011’s shipments of 1.6 million board feet and 64% greater than the previous high volume set in 2007.

This export total for the year was primarily made up of Industrial grade (59%), however shipments of Standard and Shop grades have increased over the previous year’s volumes.

HT_Certificate_Volume_for_EWP_2005-2012_TableMore than a dozen globaldestinations were included in last year’s shipments with China purchasing the lions share with 2.8 million board feet, or 71% of the total.  The United Kingdom, with 557,172 board feet, and Pakistan with 302,698 board feet rounded out the Top 3 markets.

Favorable exchange rates and an increasing awareness of the species in foreign markets through the Association’s partnership with the Softwood Export Council in addition to individual NELMA members’ marketing and sales efforts have certainly helped grow the Eastern White Pine export volumes the past couple of years.