Lumber & Sons – Latest Documentary Project by NELMA

Lumber__Sons_Title-webThe Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NELMA) premiered its latest documentary project, titled “Lumber & Sons”, on April 5 at the Association’s Annual Convention and 80th Anniversary Celebration in Boston.  The 5-minute video is a short preview of a concept project being spearheaded by NELMA and their marketing partner The SOAP Groupto produce a feature length documentary on the long-standing history, traditions and impact of family run lumber mills in the Northeast.  The film touches on the challenges of business decision making, legacy building and sustainable forestry.

This feature has its roots within the first documentary produced by the organization in 2008 titled, “Sawdust in Our Veins” that incorporated audio and video recordings of family sawmill business recounts along with NELMA’s role and impact on the industry in the Northeast.

Lumber & Sons may be viewed on the website.