Lumber Usage Down Slightly, Heat Treatment Up at NELMA’s Wood Packaging Facilities

Wooden_Boxes_on_Pallet_-_websizeTotal lumber usage at NELMA’s Wood Packaging Facilities was down slightly in 2012 (-2.4%) from the previous year’s figure based on final Association statistics.  A robust total of 111.8 million board feet was consumed by certified manufacturers of pallets, boxes, crates, skids, and blocking under the NELMA program last year.  The data includes all wood packaging materials used directly in the export of goods and stamped with the official IPPC Heat Treated (HT) or Dunnage stamp.

On the rise for 2012 was the amount of heat-treated lumber produced at the Association’s HT-only facilities, 19.6 million board feet, as compared to 16.2 for 2011.  This total excludes heat-treated lumber production at the primary lumber manufacturing mills of NELMA and NSLB.

Adding the IPPC-stamped material with the HT-only facilities production indicates a total usage of 131.44 million board feet for 2012, an overall increase of 0.5% from 2010’s total for NELMA facilities.