Marketing Eastern White Pine -10 NELMA Tools to Help Get the Job Done

As a leading marketing voice for the Northeastern wood products industry, the Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NELMA) provides a variety of tools that will assist lumber retailers and building material distributers with the sale and marketing of Eastern White Pine.

This handy overview covers ten of the most popular reference materials helping ensure that retailers, wholesalers, and distributers have tools to provide their customers with all the most pertinent information about Eastern White Pine. Many of these tools are available by visiting or, and can also be conveniently mailed directly to you by request. All literature requests may be sent to or by calling NELMA at (207)829-6901.

1. NELMA Buyer’s Guide
What It Is: A directory listing of Eastern White Pine producers and distributors. This convenient resource is available online and in a pocket-size format (4 ½” x 6″), which can be directly mailed. The Buyer’s Guide displays company contact details, products produced, and other vital specifics for Lumber Manufacturers; Secondary Wood Products; Lumber Wholesalers; Industrial Equipment Manufacturers; and Industrial Services.

How to Use It: Provided free of charge, this handy resource is a great tool for retailers and distributors to have easy access to essential company and contact information in one place.

2. Standard Grade Rules Booklet
What It Is: This heavy duty, spiral-bound, pocketsize booklet is an all-inclusive tool to NELMA’s grading rules, divided into 12 easily referenced sections. This resource is available free of charge and can be obtained by contacting NELMA.

How to Use It: Serving as both a fantastic sales piece and training tool, the grade rule booklet presents the most up-to-date and accurate information on NELMA grading standards.

3. Eastern White Pine Brochure
What It Is: This comprehensive brochure is a showcase folder containing tabbed information on all aspects of designing, specifying, installing, and finishing Eastern White Pine products. It includes elements such as the Eastern Pattern Chart of standard profiles for siding, paneling, and interior products, along with providing helpful technical and installation information.

How to Use It: Both retailers and distributors find this helpful tool provides thorough answers to many of the frequent questions asked by their building clientele. Outlining technical and installation specifics, along with details on the species strength characteristics, this tool helps designers and builders alike to appropriately incorporate Eastern White Pine into their plans.

4. The Swatch
What It Is: This unique, compact, informational tool takes on the look and size of a paint swatch, detailing out specifics on the five primary grades: D & Better, Finish, Premium, Standard, and Industrial. High quality photos of sample boards, basic grade and rule summary information is included for each section.

How to Use It: The Swatch is a fantastic reference piece for architects, designers, lumber retailers and building material wholesalers; and is both an extremely effective sales tool and display piece for retail locations.

5. Patterns of Eastern White Pine Booklet
What It Is: This updated publication showcases the official 23 standard patterns of Eastern White Pine. In a convenient 4″ x 9″ horizontal format, a single page is devoted to each pattern, including an illustration of the final “look” of two pattern pieces. Requests for booklets are mailed directly to interested retailers and distributors.

How to Use It: With two-pages of end-use photography, this makes for the perfect informational and sales tool for retailers, wholesalers and distributors. The booklet can also be used to supplement literature requests and as marketing support for your own sales cycle.

6. White Pine Monographs
What It is: Having successfully revitalized this historic periodical that made its debut in 1915, The White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs provide visual documentation of classical and unique applications and remain a favorite among builders, architects and designers.

How to Use It: Illustrated with crisp photography and detailed editorial, monographs can be ordered in bulk quantities to be distributed to your own company database. (Members can also have NELMA directly manage mailings.) With ongoing calls for story submissions, there is a unique opportunity for builders to provide content to the reputable publication, showcasing your customers’ projects that incorporate white pine.

7. ‘AskNELMA’ E-Newsletter
What It Is: Complete with interesting industry news, association happenings, and upcoming industry events, NELMA’s electronic newsletter ‘AskNELMA’ is sent on a monthly basis to over 1,500 members of the building community.

How to Use It: ‘AskNELMA’ is an effective advertising platform and place for retailers, wholesalers and distributors to submit informational content pertinent to the building industry. For more information on advertising opportunities, email

8. iPhone Publication App
What It Is: NELMA’s first iPhone application provides easy access to Association publications with the simple touch of a finger. In addition to the White Pine Monographs, Product Profiles, Grade Photos and Grade Rules, the application also displays full color end-use photos of Eastern White Pine. The NELMA app is available for free, downloadable from Apple’s App Store.

How to Use It: For those who carry their iPhone’s everywhere they go, this is the perfect tool to reference technical specification while in the field. With an array of end-use photos, it also provides design inspiration on the spot for prospects. Offering timely and accurate information, this app ensures users are always carrying the most up-to-date information.

9. YouTube (
What It Is: NELMA produces video web content and publishes this content on YouTube under the NELMA TV Channel. The NELMA TV Channel on YouTube serves as the clearinghouse for most of NELMA’s video content, found to be both entertaining and educational.

How to Use It: Send your prospects links to interesting content on NELMA TV. Members that have content they would like added to the NELMA Channel on YouTube may also submit video to

10. Twitter (@inelma)
What It Is: NELMA maintains a Twitter account (@inelma) that pushes out the latest information to the online building community. It’s a marketing tool frequently utilized by the tech-savvy, both retailers and building material distributors alike.

How to Use It: Be the first to receive relevant updates and industry information by following @inelma on Twitter. Be sure to also share your Twitter name with NELMA to expand the building community’s network.

To learn more about these resources and other NELMA marketing and sales materials, visit and All requests for literature, along with Monograph story suggestions, can be made by contacting NELMA at: and (207) 829-6901.