Meeting Set to Discuss the Black Knot Provisions within the Eastern White Pine Premium Grade Rule

53c26f8945f46ab2cf0d15e514efb6abAt the request of the NELMA Board of Directors, a joint meeting of NELMA’s Pine Subcommittee and Grading Committee will be held Thursday, December 13 at the NELMA HQ Office to review a recommended change to the Premium Grade of Eastern White Pine concerning Black Knots.  The Grading Committee’s recommendation removes the text, “…..or equivalent or smaller”  from the “Knots” portion of the grade for Premium under paragraph 6.2.2 within theStandard Grading Rules for Northeastern Lumber.

The NELMA Board previously reviewed this recommendation at their September 21 meeting but defeated the motion based on unknown consequences and the potential for unintended changes to boards that would now fall into Premium-graded lumber versus the current rule without a more thorough review.  The Board further stated their wish to maintain the integrity of the current lumber grades, but agreed with the overall intent to simplify the training of the grade, wherever possible.

NELMA’s Inspection Staff will have a variety of full-size boards at the meeting for a thorough hands-on review and full discussion on any impact this rule change would create.

In addition to Committee/Subcommittee members, ALL Eastern White Pine lumber manufacturers are invited and encouraged to be part of the discussion.  If you plan to attend the meeting, just contact the NELMA Office at 207-829-6901 to be included in the head count.  The meeting specifics are:


272 Tuttle Road

Cumberland, Maine

Thursday, December 13, 2012

10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.