NELMA Promotes New Densified Fuel Inspection Program

Pellet_ProgramPop-Up_GraphicNELMA joined 38 other exhibitors at the Pellet Fuels Institute’s (PFI) Annual Conference, held July 29-31 at Foxwoods, Connecticut.  As one of three ALSC-accredited inspection agencies exhibiting at the event, NELMA rolled out new promotional campaign items for this new inspection program, which included an informational banner touting NELMA and an associated take-away post card using the catch-phrase, “NELMA’s Wood Pellet Inspectors Are Ready When You Are!”  This was the first major opportunity for NELMA to get in front of pellet manufacturers, with 176 in attendance at the event from all across the U.S. and Canada.

a4600f1fda91102f0d431b80accee8f2Jeff Easterling, NELMA’s President, staffed the exhibit at the Conference,reporting that “While the pellet industry has been slow to embrace this new quality control standard, regulations expected to be imposed by EPA later this year and in 2013 regarding the product’s usage will create the need for inspection services offered by NELMA.  Our goal is simply to ensure that pellet manufacturers are made well aware of NELMA’s top-notch program designed to meet their QC needs, when the time comes.”