NELMA Publishes Revised Grading Rules Book

b934b9b40afee84847e916ddb255a279Copies of the 2013 edition of the Standard Grading Rules for Northeastern Lumber are now available from NELMA.  This new printing updates the 2006 version and incorporates the 2008 Supplement No. 1 (Eastern White Pine Board Rules) along with other revisions to the Beams & Stringers and Posts & Timbers section (adopted from WWPA Rules).

The previously included “Interpretations for Eastern White Pine Board Grades” have been significantly revised over the past year and are no longer included within Section 11 of the Book as in the previous version.  This information is being published as a separate companion booklet that will serve as a primary training tool for graders. Retitled “General Definitions and Instructions for Grading Eastern White Pine Boards”, this 12-page piece contains color photography of the primary wood characteristics important to learning the rules.

bd26d1bcb9d251c087fa813e24afc744The format remains the same size as previous books, 4”x6.5”, and bound with the same heavy-duty plastic spiral that began with the 2006 issue.  Copies of the 2013 Grade Book may be ordered online at or by contacting the NELMA Office at 207-829-6901.

The entire book is also available online, by section, for viewing or printing.