NELMA Puts Interactive Technology into Print Advertising

Fine_Hombuilding_September_Issue_2012_CoverBlazing new print advertising frontiers, NELMA continues on its creative path to utilize unique ways to spread its marketing message on behalf of its lumber manufacturing membership.  Case in point, check out the recently published August/September issue of Fine Homebuilding magazine where you’ll find yourself face-to-face with a full page, 4-color photo of Ben the Builder, located in the publication’s centerfold.  Smiling Ben is an authentic New England builder that has a real story to tell the reader on why he has chosen Eastern White Pine for decades in construction projects of all kinds.  Integrating scan code technology and the iPhone as a mouthpiece, Ben brings the print ad to life!

Three key messages regarding Eastern White Pine are conveyed in 60 to 90 second increments that cover the DurabilityCharacter, and Sustainability aspects of the species.


a651a322ded79529f2c9e5fcac2d1badTo enhance Ben’s messages, the back of the insert showcases a variety of Eastern White Pine end-uses alongside descriptive details of the application.  And to bring it all full circle, the reader can click on another scan code that will take them to a retailer near them to purchase Eastern White Pine products!

Fine Homebuilding magazine is the Cadillac of builder publications, reaching more than 200,000 via paid subscription and thousands more readers as a mainstay cross-consumer magazine for the “pro-like” that’s available on newsstands and at building retailer stores nationwide.  To ensure NELMA reaches it geographic-relevant audience, a regional insert approach was used.

ca4beb3e541a4dc4d4486d5d439844ddLook for Part II of this advertising series in the October/November issue with Tracie the Architect!