Softwood Lumber Check-Off Program Now Softwood Lumber Board

SLB_logoWith the official start-up of the Softwood Lumber Check-Off program late last fall, the gears are now in place to move forward with the overall objective to grow softwood lumber markets and profitability in the U.S. markets.  Under the auspices of the Softwood Lumber Board (SLB), four specific objectives have been identified:

  • Increase wood use in the light commercial/non-residential and multi-family markets.
  • Grow demand in residential and mid-high rise construction through building system improvements and innovation.
  • Promote the benefits and uses of softwood lumber products for appearance applications including the outdoor living market, joinery and interior finishing.
  • Promote the practical, aesthetic and environmental benefits of softwood lumber products.
The SLB has established four committees to provide guidance on specific activities to meet these objectives, including the Research and Promotions Program Committee.  With invoicing of the industry just beginning, the estimates of year 1 funding available for programs is $6-8 million for calendar year 2012.
To facilitate ease of communication with the softwood lumber industry on all aspects of SLB activities, timelines, and more, the website has been developed.  Detailed information such as board & committee appointments, funding priorities, dues assessment procedures, and an events calendar are available for viewing.  In addition, the SLB has taken up official residence at 401 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2200, Chicago, IL 60611, and may be reached by phone at (312) 321-5131 or send email