Sustainable Versatility Design Award Competition Gets Attention!

3eb32ac4bd03f2542d0ea12b2762e307Last month, NELMA introduced its first Sustainable Versatility Design Awards Competition to architecture and design students throughout New England and New York with the theme of What’s small and made of wood? The Modern Sustainable Building, That’s What!  Complete program information and a colorful announcement poster was sent to 297 professors at 18 colleges and universities to kick-off the contest.  In less than 3 weeks, a dozen students have already registered via the competition’s dedicated website,  The interest includes a professor of architectural design that requested to include the Competition as part of their winter term curriculum! Registration deadline is set for November 30.

As a cornerstone to the Association’s outreach to the next generation of aspiring architects and designers, the Competition seeks to tap into the creativity of today’s students while introducing them to Eastern White Pine as an important historical building material, yet modern within today’s designs and a sustainable natural resource.

The Competition challenges students to design a free-standing structure of 600 square feet or less that prominently features Eastern White Pine on the interior and/or exterior of the structure. Examples include a home office, a small single residence for an aging parent, an apartment, or perhaps a design studio. Adding additional features that enhance the sustainability and efficiency are encouraged.

Once a student registers for the Competition, NELMA will supplement their knowledge base on Eastern White Pine by forwarding a variety of useful materials and images regarding the specie’s versatility as a design element in today’s architecture, its sustainability as a regenerated construction material, and all locally available!

The Top 2 winning architects/designers will be brought to NELMA’s 2012 Annual Convention in Boston next April to present their work and receive their awards.  Look for updates on this exciting NELMA Marketing project in future issues of AskNELMA!