The NELMA “Map” Added to Marketing Arsenal

What began as an idea for a much-needed publication to supplement NELMA’s marketing materials for export promotions has resulted in a tweaked version for use by the Association and its members in domestic activities.  Titled, Lumber From the Northeastern Region of the United States, this full-color publication is actually printed on a single 21”x33” size page, front and back, that folds into an 8-1/2”x11” size brochure!


The large size paper permits information to flow across the sheet seamlessly in a visually pleasing way that should catch the attention of potential and existing customers of Northeastern softwood lumber products.  The top half of the front page contains a wood-grained state map of the Northeast with indicators for mill locations along with mill contact information.  The bottom half provides a few historical facts on Eastern White Pine alongside important technical facts on the species.  All about NELMA and our quality control program has a spot on the front side as well.

Continuing on the back side is more “kitchen-sink” information that includes EWP grade photos and Pattern Profiles, End Use suggestions, EWP Properties and a wide variety of end-use photos scattered throughout.  The right side of the back page is devoted to Spruce-Pine-Fir south, with full information on grades, standard size charts, and strength values for selected sizes and grades.

The use of well-placed QR Codes (Scan Codes) makes this publication somewhat timeless as the use of these codes with a smartphone or iPad can direct the reader to current website pages for further details and information.

This new “map” continues NELMA’s signature series of creating marketing materials that are presented in non-traditional formats to better capture the attention of all our targeted audiences.  This new publication  may be ordered via the NELMA website under “Order Publications” or by contacting the NELMA office at 207-829-6901.