Tracie Follows Ben

Fine_Hombuilding_Tracie_Ad_-webThis November issue of Fine Homebuilding includes our second “interactive” ad in the Talking Head campaign that utilizes today’s technology of scan codes and smart phones in a unique eye-catching format.  The two-part series began with the use of Ben the Builder in September’s issue, now followed by Tracie the Architect.

The 3-part message from Tracie, each less than 2 minutes, covers an architect’s perspective of why using Eastern White Pine in today’s home designs is the very best choice.  From its design elements and visual choices by grade, to the specie’s sustainability and local availability to easily meet “green building” requirements, to its versatility as a building product, inside and out…..these are the testaments offered by a design professional that knows her design material choices quite well.

Enhancing this advertising insert is the use of the back page for full-color examples of Eastern White Pine in use, along with information on design tools available from NELMA.  An added scan code on the back will lead the reader directly to our “Find A Retailer Near You” page on NELMA’s website to bring this marketing concept full-circle.

6a07218fe71e43cf56bcff878e6b646cA different print advertising approach for sure, but one that’s garnering significant attention as seen in our measurable numbers that continue to grow from the September placement of Ben the Builder.  Fine Homebuilding reaches more than 200,000 subscribers plus thousands more via bookstores and home building center’s magazine racks.

This ad series embodies NELMA’s approach to marketing the softwood lumber products of the Northeast in ways as unique as the species themselves, capitalizing on today’s technology!