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The Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NELMA) is the rules-writing agency for Eastern White Pine lumber and the grading authority for the SPFs grouping of species that includes Eastern Spruce, Balsam Fir, Red Pine, and other commercially important softwood lumber species grown in the northeast and great lakes regions. In addition, NELMA is a leading agency for export wood packaging certification and the marketing voice for the regions’ wood products industry


 Our relationship with the Maine Cabin Masters runs deep.   Chase, Ashley, Ryan and the crew have long been advocates for sourcing wood local to projects.  In short, they LOVE Eastern White Pine for their cabin projects – or, as they say, “Throw some pine at it!”  Listen to their podcast here. And tune in to The Magnolia Network to watch the latest episode.

  • What do the Maine Cabin Masters do with a wall that needs new life? They throw some pine at it! This camp was made even more charming and inviting with Eastern White Pine paneling. Capture the look for your home! #WoodInspiration #RealWood #WoodIdeas #WoodWalls #WoodPaneling #AccentWalls #EasternWhitePine #Pine #MaineCabinMasters
  • Got a boring wall? Add a little Eastern White Pine for a splash of authenticity. Wood makes any room warmer and more welcoming, doesn't it? #WoodInspiration #RealWood #WoodIdeas #WoodWalls #WoodPaneling #AccentWalls #Pine #EasternWhitePine
  • What to do with those smaller attic spaces? Renovate with wood for a classic, durable look. Wood on the ceilings and floors ensures a warm look that will stand the test of time. #WoodInspiration #RealWood #WoodIdeas #WoodFlooring #WoodWalls #WoodPaneling #AccentWalls #Pine #EasternWhitePine
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