Architectural Monographs: Early Wood Houses of Central New York

Maine Pine Log Homes: Quality Cabins Made of Local Wood

Maine Pine Cabins sunny day

If you love a good log cabin, you’ll want to take a look at what Maine Pine Log Homes has to offer. Owned by Hammond Lumber Company, a NeLMA member, this company offers a gorgeous array of styles and plans, many of them retaining the elegant simplicity of traditional Colonial architecture of our area.

Maine Pine Cabins woods Maine Pine Cabins snow

The “cabin series” is a collection of six small and simple structures for off-grid getaways, backyard additions and budget friendly projects, while the “classic series” offers larger homes ranging from the sweet Sugarloaf vacation retreat to the spacious Sebago with an attached garage. Most of these homes come as complete packages including just about everything you need, including plumbing, fixtures and appliances.

The eastern white pine used in Maine Pine Log Homes is grown right here in Maine on carefully managed woodlots within a 60-mile radius of our headquarters in Belgrade. Many of these lots are now in their third cutting, which means a minimum amount of forest is being impacted, and we can count on the high quality of the trees. The pros in our award-winning sawmill, some of whom have worked for us for more than 30 years, will select only the best logs for the walls of your home.”

maine pine main Maine Pine Cabin Interiors Maine Pine Cabin Interiors 2

Hammond Lumber Company began as a small sawmill in 1953, steadily growing into one of Maine’s largest suppliers of building materials. The company created Maine Pine Log Homes in 1987, and they’ve been working with customers to create their dream homes ever since.

“We’re happy to help people modify one of our existing designs to fit their own needs,” says Sue Fortin of Maine Pine Log Homes, who has been in the log home business for eight years. “Maybe they want to move a window or interior wall or add closets or a deck. It’s fine if they don’t know exactly what they want when they come to us, though it really helps if they do have a budget in mind.”

Browse all of Maine Pine Log Home’s offerings and read more about the company at

Eye Candy: Check Out This Eastern White Pine Post & Beam Barn

Barnyard Store Eastern White Pine Building 5

If you were to pass by this post and beam barn in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, you’d never know that within it is a virtual cathedral of stunning Eastern White Pine. Built by The Barn Yard, a third-generation family business based in Connecticut, this “Saratoga” model barn features a handsome classic exterior with rustic corrugated metal roofing. But it’s the interior photos that really show off the beauty of this timber frame structure in all its organic and renewable glory.

Barnyard Store Eastern White Pine Building 3 EWP barn

“The golden ratio was the basis for many design decisions on this barn, from the size & placement of doors & windows to the wall dimensions and roof pitch, giving the barn a harmonious feel,” say the builders.

Barnyard Store Eastern White Pine Building 6 Barnyard Store Eastern White Pine Building 4 Barnyard Store Eastern White Pine Building 7

Isn’t that center aisle loft a work of art? The versatile Saratoga Post & Beam barn is beautiful, versatile and practical in its own right, but the use of Eastern White Pine as the primary material really helps it shine. This timber frame design can be used for garages, cabins and custom homes as well as farm buildings.

Barnyard Store Eastern White Pine Building 2 Barnyard Store Eastern White Pine Building

Here are some more details about this great New England company. Be sure to check out their work at

“ With in-house designers and engineers, we are able to maintain a level of quality and exacting standards that have been the bedrock of our company for over 33 years. With our company now in its third generation, we look forward to what the future has in store, with loyal employees and customers to thank for our continuing success.”

“In 2015, we started our sister company Great Country Timber Frames to serve the timber frame home and commercial project market. Building on a 30-year tradition of hard work and craftsmanship, we designed, engineered, and built our 17,000+ square foot manufacturing and design facility in Ellington, CT in 2015.”

“Housed within the facility is a state-of-the-art CNC timber processing machine. The CNC machine cuts mortise & tenon joinery with extreme precision. When timbers are joined together with wood connections, as is the case in true timber-framed buildings, the more precise the joinery, the stronger the frame. In an effort to maintain a ‘green’ facility, waste from the machine, including sawdust and wood scraps, are transported via a dust collection system and compressed into bio fuel briquettes called ‘Timber Pucks.’”

Black-Painted Pine Pairs with Steel in a Rugged & Dramatic Chilean Cabin

Casa R 1

We’ve seen some seriously cool pine architecture (and even furniture!) that’s either painted black for a striking modern appearance or intentionally, carefully charred with a technique like “shou sugi ban” to make it stronger and more resistant to moisture, mold, insects and even fire. While some people might find black architecture creepy, others find it pleasingly graphic and dramatic. A new project by architect Felipe Lagos uses the former approach for a sleek holiday refuge designed for an extreme climate.

Casa R 5

Casa R 4

Casa R is a compact vacation home set in a steep ravine in the town of Vilches, Chile, halfway up the Andes mountain range. Remote and private, the parcel enjoys beautiful views and access to a variety of nearby nature reserves and national parks. It’s a prime location for summer fun, but for much of the year, damp and cold weather conditions present a challenge. The house had to be welcoming and comfortable while also respecting the sensitive nature of the building site.

Casa R 3

The architects designed the home as a narrow volume that slots into the available building space without requiring any trees to be cut down. All of the components were prefabricated offsite and assembled as a series of modules for both of the two floors, including the woodshed and access area, kitchenette, bathroom and terraces on the ground floor and the master bedroom, living room and work desk on the second level.

Casa R 6

Casa R 2

The roof – steeply sloped to allow snow to slide right off in winter – is black steel, which pairs beautifully with the pine wood used inside and out. Some of that pine is finished with black copper-based Carbolíneo Química Universal, a protective liquid that gives it its striking hue. For the interiors, grooved pine plywood brings warmth to the space in its raw, unfinished state. The contrast of the black materials and the beauty of the pale pine is always a strong aesthetic choice, providing contrast and keeping the house from feeling too dark and dour.

What do you think – would you live in a black painted house?

The Simple Beauty of Shiplap: Inspiration, Tips & DIY Tutorials

Shiplap Wall via Travis Heights Burnish and Plumb

Shiplap is definitely still enjoying its time in the sun, but the easygoing beauty of this traditional wooden board will never go out of style. So what is shiplap, anyway? You’ve probably heard this term all over HGTV, and you’ve almost certainly seen it, even if you couldn’t quite identify it by name at the time.

Shiplap Wall via Forest Products Supply
Shiplap Wall via Forest Products Supply

Occasionally, plain wooden planks nailed to a wall get misidentified as shiplap, but that’s not quite what it is. Real shiplap boards have a rabbet cut into their edges to provide just the perfect spacing when they’re installed, giving them a consistent appearance and a desirable watertight effect. Eastern White Pine just happens to be an ideal material for shiplap, creating smooth horizontal lines and an even surface that’s a heck of a lot nicer looking than plain old drywall.

Shiplap Wall via Stonewood Products
Shiplap Wall via Stonewood Products

It may be most popular for use on walls, but shiplap can be used on ceilings, too, and it looks beautiful in every room of the home, including bathrooms. Pine shiplap boards are easy for beginners and DIYers to install, too. You can buy Eastern White Pine shiplap straight from NELMA suppliers like Stonewood Products and Hancock Lumber, or ask your builder to source it in your area.

Shiplap Wall via Studio McGee
Shiplap Wall via Studio McGee

Looking for tips and tutorials? Check out Home Depot’s guide to installing a shiplap wall, and get some ideas for decorating with shiplap from Fixer Upper on HGTV. Lowe’s has some tips for creating a shiplap accent wall, too. Check out the shiplap gallery below, full of posts tagged #shiplap on Instagram. Got a project you want to feature? Let us know on Facebook!

Top image: Travis Heights Burnish & Plumb Austin

Celebrating 85 Years of NELMA & Over a Century of Promoting White Pine

White Pine Historic Monographs

The Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NELMA) celebrated its 85th birthday this year with a gathering in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, bringing together over 140 members and guests to play golf, network and learn about the latest technology. Founded in 1933 to administer and monitor the provisions of the newly-founded Lumber Code Authority in the Northeast following President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, NELMA quickly became a voluntary trade organization after support for the Recovery Act waned, and it has provided essential support for the Northeastern lumber industry ever since.

Meanwhile, the White Pine Bureau formed in 1915 to represent two trade organizations: the Northern Pine Manufacturers Association of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan as well as The Associated White Pine Manufacturers of Idaho. Carrying out advertising campaigns on behalf of the White Pine manufacturing industry, the Bureau began publishing the White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs 3 to 6 times each year. The issues focused on highlighting early American buildings made of white pine, exploring different architectural styles or structures in specific towns.

White Pine Historic Monographs

White Pine Historic Monographs

After 10 years, the White Pine Bureau passed the publication of the White Pine Monographs on to its editor, Russell F. Whitehead with the support of Weyerhaeuser Forest Products Company. The original series lasted 27 years, and after a long break, NELMA resurrected it in a new form. 2006 saw the start of a new era for the Monographs, maintaining their original look and feel while highlighting modern trends and examples. Today, NELMA provides access to the entire run of the publication at the Eastern White Pine Monograph Library.

All 98 of the original historic booklets and 10 contemporary issues are available to be read and printed, and they give us a fascinating look at the history of white pine in the United States. Not only are they packed with articles and photographs, they offer a glimpse at historic conditions like the challenge of advertising during World War I as well as a fun range of old advertisements.

Check out the whole collection here.

Read more about the history of NELMA