Lumber from the Northeastern Region of the United States


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This four-color publication is actually printed on a single 21”x33” size page, front and back, that folds into an 8-1/2”x11” size brochure we call the NELMA “Map”! The top half of the front page contains a wood-grained state map of the Northeast with indicators for mill locations along with mill contact information.  The bottom half provides a few historical facts on Eastern White Pine alongside important technical facts on the species.  All about NELMA and our quality control program has a spot on the front side as well.  Continuing on the back side is more “kitchen-sink” information that includes EWP grade photos and Pattern Profiles, End Use suggestions, EWP Properties and a wide variety of end-use photos scattered throughout.  The right side of the back page is devoted to Spruce-Pine-Fir south, with full information on grades, standard size charts, and strength values for selected sizes and grades.  The use of well-placed QR Codes (Scan Codes) makes this publication somewhat timeless, as the use of these codes with a smartphone or ipad can direct the reader to current website pages for further details and information.

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