New Video on Eastern White Pine Grades Released

NELMA has just released its “Video Guide to the 5 Grades of Eastern White Pine” as an educational and reference tool for potential buyers, primarily for overseas marketing.  The 7-minute video will allow viewers to see the range of product appearance permitted within the grading rules.  A 6-piece layer of 1”x8” boards scroll down from the top of the screen, then pause for examination by the viewer where “pop-up” callouts will zero in on a particular characteristic and give the limitation criteria for that particular grade.  Up to 8 layers of boards per grade are provided in the video to give the full scope of appearance expectations.  The video includes user-friendly, stop-start capabilities.

Intro Page Image“This is a very exciting addition to our online educational series via NELMAtv,” according to Jeff Easterling, NELMA President.  “The video is an extension of our printed Grade Swatch that provides our members with a much-needed reference for showing potential customers the various nuances within each grade.”

In addition to the full 5-grade video, a shorter video for each individual grade will be available online in the near future.  The video’s callouts have been translated into Latin America Spanish, French, and Chinese, plus the English version.

Access the video on NELMA’s YouTube Channel, NELMAtv here.