Show Off Your Latest #EasternWhitePine Projects

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What has everyone been up to using #EasternWhitePine? We found some cool new projects to share on Instagram, check them out! And we always love to throw in a few appreciation posts for the magnificent tree itself.

Check out this awesome modern Eastern White Pine lodge in Falls Village, Connecticut by @Studioc_nyc! It features a timber frame, a screened porch and “layers and layers” of Eastern White Pine.

Of this carriage house door project, @hoaglandrestoration says, “We were lucky enough to have connections with a sawyer who has been sawing Western Red Cedar out of poles previously used for power lines. This coinsided with a client who was looking to convert an empty dirt floor bay of his carriage house into a parking spot for the modern carriage (a honda cr-v). Therefore we but the two together and hung joists in the bay and decked with 2″ planks at 3/8″ spacing with a ramp to match. We then reused the strap hinges and pintles from the previous door and built a new set of Eastern White Pine doors with historically correct trim schedule. We then installed the “Franklin Autoswing” as a remote opener. Wiring should make it operational shortly. “

Via @michaelgrafarchitect: “Sometimes in the shop we do traditional pieces too! This one @danielhchouinard meticulously crafted for an antique cape in Durham. The wide pine top came from a tree that my grandfather harvested over 50 years ago.”

@stoneleighgarden says, “The twisting needles of Pinus strobus ‘Vercurve’ add a touch of whimsy to the winter garden.”

Craftsman @woodenware4u says of this post and beam eastern white pine garden shed project, “Finished up the Garden Shed project for my client today. Nice to have a project close to home.”

@missanniemac22: “My new winter hobby…wood burning! Can’t wait to hang this on the big Eastern White Pine with the swings @fo_fdrpark????What do you think is the safest and most stable way to affix the label without damaging the tree?”

@sc_lumbersupply_greer: “‘Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways’. Oscar Wilde – Is creamy white speaking to your soul right now? Need a nice light unspoiled neutral to add to your space, our white pine is perfect for you. The center bead pattern can help you create a classic look for walls and ceilings alike or flip the board over and use the v-pattern to really open up your space. Perfect for rooms with natural lighting or for porch ceilings that you want to stand out! Feel free to stop by or give me a call today, I am always happy to answer your questions!”

@labradorlumber is in the process of building a gorgeous post and beam cabin using Eastern White Pine, showing off the entrance here. 

@Shawn.cox321 is in the process of building a telecaster guitar out of Eastern White Pine – the progress is looking amazing!

@pathsandpeaks captured this gorgeous image of Eastern White Pine canopies in winter on a Vermont stroll. 

@macdavisflooring gives us a peek at wide plank Eastern White Pine floors with a gray-toned stain for a contemporary look.

Up in Ottawa, @corywoodwork is working on a footstool made of Eastern White Pine for his father. Looks great!

Of this handmade Eastern White Pine photo frame, @shokajmo says, “Just finished this picture frame for a map of B’town. I didn’t want to mess around with miters so i did this impractical dovetail. Finished with Minwax tung oil finish.”

@railroadbridge says of this Eastern White Pine Windsor chair in progress, “There we go! Ready for glue up and the upper assembly. No bandsaw access right now so lots of block plane and drawknife to fair the curves.”

Cabinland: A Rustic Fairytale Retreat in the Pacific Northwest

Looking for some contemporary cabin inspiration that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before? Then you’re going to want to check out Cabinland, an incredible project located in the mossy rainforest of Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. Self-taught builder Jacob Witzling and his partner Sara Underwood are in the process of building their own compound of unique cabins in a range of styles and sizes using lumber, reclaimed materials and what they find on their land. 

witzling mossy cabin

Raised in New Hampshire, Witzling moved out to Washington to be an elementary school teacher, and began building cabins in his free time just for fun. He took an experimental approach, eschewing traditional rectilinear floor plans for octagons and other unexpected shapes. His first cabin was built using scraps scavenged from construction sites for just $800. Now, he and Underwood have refined a style that’s all their own.

Irregular and organic shapes abound, such as in the roof of this 80-square foot cabin (and their “truck cabin,” built on the back of a pickup truck.) 

cabinland spire

Another 200-square-foot cabin features a roof spire, hand-hewn shingles and one of Witzling’s signatures: a handmade wooden door.

Cabinland Diamond house

“Diamond House” serves as the couple’s walk-in closet and dressing room, featuring a pointed shape and another signature element, a metal roof covered in chicken wire and living moss. 

The couple is in the process of building their very own “cabin castle,” a full-scale series of connected volumes measuring a total of 900 square feet, which will be their home. You can see part of their building process on YouTube, including the miniature models they made before they broke ground.

The interiors are just as incredible as the exteriors, all hand crafted and chock full of wood.

Check out more of these incredible handmade cabins on Instagram @pnwcabinland.

White Pine All the Time: 25 More Ways to Appreciate This Wood

The most awesome thing about finding Eastern White Pine projects on social media might just be gaining a new appreciation for all the different ways to use this prized wood. Gorgeous, cathedral-like barns? Check. Historical restoration projects? Check. Intricately carved sculpture? Check. Bonsai? Yep, some of that too.

You all really love this tree, and it’s easy to see why. It’s breathtaking to behold in the landscape. It’s an integral part of our history. It’s absolutely gorgeous in a wide range of applications. Check out these 25 recent Instagram posts featuring #EasternWhitePine including artwork, unabashed love for nature, DIY projects and the work of pros like Maine Cabin Masters.

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Your Pine Projects! 22 More #EasternWhitePine Inspiration Images

Seeing what the world is making with Eastern White Pine never gets old. The projects are as varied as the people creating them, from rustic flower boxes to cabins by the Maine Cabin Masters. What’s not to love? Whether you’re one of those craftspeople or just want to express your appreciation for this majestic tree’s beauty and important role in the ecosystem, share your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #EasternWhitePine to see them featured here.

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Diagonal White Pine Paneling Gives a Fresh Look to Maine Cottage

Diagonal White Pine Paneling 1

Diagonally installed wood paneling can be a fresh, visually interesting, modern update on the warm, cozy wood-lined look. The lines create a sense of movement, making a room feel more dynamic than it would with horizontal or vertical paneling. In this case, it was installed in a gorgeous green cottage getaway on an island 20 miles off the coast of Maine.

Diagonal White Pine Paneling 2

Designed for a journalist and retired professor, who has owned the lot on this off-grid island for years, the cottage has lots of floor-to-ceiling windows to take advantage of the views of both the forest and the sea. Most of the construction work on the home was done without the aid of power tools. (See more photos at Dwell.)

Want to get this look in your home? Wood paneled walls have made a big comeback in recent years, so there are plenty of inspirational projects online that’ll give you ideas of your own. Check out a gallery of diagonal paneling at, which features everything from dark and dramatic focus walls in a living room to modern bathroom installations.