Pine Warms Up a Former Industrial Building at Finland’s Dream Hotel

Modern Pine Dream Hotel Finland

Dovetail log cabins are a true classic, bringing rustic style and beautiful craftsmanship together with stunning results. Often used with hand-hewn square logs, this corner style is rarely seen outside historic structures and residential construction – so it’s refreshing to find it not only in a commercial application, but set against an industrial backdrop.

Modern Pine Dream Hotel Finland 2

Modern Pine Dream Hotel Finland 3

Designed by Studio Puisto as an extension of the Dream Hotel across the street, this striking structure is actually a sauna envisioned as a “communal living room” for the community in Tampere, Finland. Set within an old industrial red brick neighborhood, the 540-square-foot facility takes over a former customs checkpoint turned warehouse building full of hard, cold concrete and glass.

Modern Pine Dream Hotel Finland 4

Modern Pine Dream Hotel Finland 8

In keeping with the building’s history and raw materials, Studio Puisto maintained a minimalist design with pale gray cabinetry, concrete floors, exposed ductwork and clean-lined furniture. But all of these elements could have had an unwelcoming vibe if not for the addition of so much pine.

Modern Pine Dream Hotel Finland 5

Modern Pine Dream Hotel Finland 6

Naturally, the stacked log sauna in the center of the room is the main attraction. It’s made of pine from top to bottom, including the benches inside. But pine is also seen in the knotty built-ins of the locker rooms, the long dining tables in the cafe, the slatted screens providing filtered daylight and privacy and the modern chairs and tables strewn throughout the space.

Modern Pine Dream Hotel Finland 7

“The resulting architecture embodies a sense of nostalgia, carrying out a lively, complementary dialogue between the two,” say the architects. “The resulting ambiance is a calm, peaceful one that creates a resounding appetite for sauna from the moment one steps inside.”

Design: Studio PuistoPhotography by Riikka Kantinkoski

Shiplap Fever: How to Nail This Rustic Interior Design Trend (Literally)

joanna chip gaines shiplap

If you’ve ever watched Chip and Joanna Gaines’ popular HGTV show ‘Fixer Upper,’ you’ve heard the term ‘shiplap.’ But what does it actually mean, and how can you reproduce its look at home? First things first: shiplap is a type of wooden plank that’s milled or sawn with a rabbet on opposite sides of each edge, so the planks fit together neatly, nestling in like puzzle pieces. Shiplap siding produces a beautiful rustic effect reminiscent of sheds, barns and old farmhouses, with subtle horizontal lines stretching across the resulting wooden surface.

It’s a popular (and, some might say, vastly superior) alternative to drywall for interior wall finishings, and it can be painted or left natural depending on your intended effect. If you have some experience, you might be able to DIY a shiplap accent wall or even install it throughout an entire room, but you can always hire a knowledgable contractor to nail the look you’re going for (pun intended!)

What is shiplap NOT? Well, sometimes Joanna Gaines calls things shiplap that really aren’t. The word ‘shiplap’ doesn’t describe any old wall with wooden siding. There are lots of different ways for siding to fit together, like tongue-and-groove or simple sheathing. The way shiplap fits together is what makes it special, particularly because it helps to produce a strong, stable wall surface. But, as you can see in the tutorial below, it’s possible to fake a shiplap look with thin planks of a soft, smooth wood like Eastern White Pine.

If you love this look, you’re in luck: shiplap is usually pretty easy to source from your local lumberyard or home improvement store, and your contractor can easily order some if it’s not available locally.  Shiplap walls are one of those areas where Eastern White Pine really shines, and that’s not just us tooting our own horn!

Need some shiplap inspiration? Here are some gorgeous shots of shiplap in action found under the #shiplap tag on Instagram. Top photo via Joanna Gaines’ website, ‘Magnolia Market.’

Curving Pine Plywood Partition Sets Off a Vaulted Interior in Barcelona

pine partition main

Providing both a separation of space and an earthy sense of groundedness in a stunning vaulted space, this raw pine plywood partition curves around the central living space of an apartment in Barcelona, Spain. Local architect Raúl Sánchez of RAS Arquitectura was charged with renovating the formerly dingy subterranean interior into a bright and livable home worthy of its seaside location, and it definitely looks like he succeeded on that point.

pine partition 1

pine partition 2

The space is just 600 square feet in total, and was totally undivided, with no private rooms. The renovation defines separate living areas without cutting off the gorgeous ceilings and their textural concrete supports, and the pine gives it a characteristic warmth to keep all that white from looking too clinical.

pine partition 3 pine partition 4

“The laminated pine dividing the walls highlight the items in the center of the space, while contrasting with the white surfaces of the existing walls,” says the architect. “This is the serene canvas against which future users will splash the colors and textures of their furnishings and belongings.”

pine partition 5 pine partition 6

“When we removed the worksite floodlights in early summer we found that natural light filled the space and bounced on the walls nicely, creating a very pleasant and comfortable humidity-free space which seemed much bigger than its meager 55 square meters.”

Photo Gallery: The Rustic Beauty of Knotty Pine Paneling

knotty pine woodworkers shoppe 2

Rich, warm and visually engaging, knotty pine paneling can transform any interior with its characteristic markings. Every single board bears the personality of the tree it came from, and the end result is a tapestry of texture and irregular patterns for an entirely unique look. Check out this gallery for some examples of how it’s used.

knotty pine woodworkers shoppe

knotty pine woodworkers shoppe 3

knotty pine woodworkers shoppe 4

knotty pine log home shoppe

Woodworkers Shoppe shows off log home applications of knotty pine paneling in a variety of beautiful interiors.

“All our knotty pine paneling is tongue and groove and end-matched for zero-waste. What is end-matched, you say? Many years ago we developed a unique tongue-n-groove design on the ends of the paneling boards known as “End-Matching”. After years of educating the public on it’s advantages, it soon became extremely popular with contractors and handymen. The end-matching demand became so highly recognized and sought after, that an industry standard was born!”

knotty pine buffalo lumber

Check out this unusual ‘grandaddy blue’ knotty pine paneling from Buffalo Lumber. “GRANDDADDY BLUE STAIN PINE’s distinctive blue-gray swirling colors are the result of a stain fungus that travels into the tree when pine beetles bore into the bark. Since the 1990s a large pine beetle infestation has spread rampantly forcing the cutting and processing of many trees before the mills were ready in order to limit the spread and salvage the dead trees before it was too late.”

knotty pine woodhaven 1

knotty pine woodhaven 2

knotty pine woodhaven 3

Woodhaven Log & Lumber, also based in Michigan, is a master of knotty pine. “Our products are made from some of the most remarkable timber in North America. Here, logs are steeled by the winter winds that blow off the Great Lakes, subzero temperatures, seasonal rains and long, hot summers.”

“As part of Woodhaven’s philosophy of preserving and protecting our natural resources for future generations, our suppliers adhere to the standards and guidelines set forth by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.® From wood scraps to sawdust, we recycle all of the by-products from our milling process. We respect the wood, as well as our environment.”

knotty pine aschauer

Knotty Pine is also gorgeous when used to finish a ceiling, in contrast to drywall and other wall materials. Pictured here is the interior of Aschauer Construction’s Mountain Pine model. Aschauer is a custom builder serving Arizona’s White Mountains.

Lake House in Casco: A Rustic Showcase of Eastern White Pine

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.45.53 PM

Built by M.R. Brewer using lumber from Hancock and featured on Houzz, this showcase of Eastern White Pine is a total dream home. Designed with a rustic mountain style that fits right into the forested setting, the craftsman-style home features Eastern White Pine exterior siding, as well as Eastern White Pine interior paneling, trim and wall coverings. The architects painted the siding graphite gray for a rocky tone that echoes the stone hardscaping outside, with a deep fir green trim accented by hints of a complementary golden brown.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.45.29 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.45.42 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.56.30 PM

Entitled ‘Lake House in Casco,’ the home is a treasure trove of custom millwork showing off the capabilities of Eastern White Pine. Nearly every interior surface, short of the countertops and chimney, is made of wood, with the pine’s characteristic knots adding a dynamic sense of texture to the overall composition of the home.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.46.20 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.46.49 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.55.50 PM

Hancock Lumber and M.R. Brewer are both based in Portland, Maine. Check out a full gallery of this extraordinary residence at the builder’s website.

Hot Kitchens: 4 Modern White Pine Plywood Cabinet Designs

compact budapest apartment

Who knew that ultra-affordable kitchens could look so good? Conventional cabinetry is undeniably beautiful, and Eastern White Pine is an ideal material to work with, not only because of its malleability and natural beauty, but because it costs less than many other varieties of wood. But you can go even more budget-friendly with pine plywood, without losing any style points. In fact, raw plywood plays a big role in minimalist modern interior design, favored for its Scandinavian-style simplicity.

Flinders Lane Apartment by Clare Cousins

clare cousins 2

flinders lane kitchen

We love the way the pine floors of this London apartment seem to extend right up the faces of the cabinets thanks to their pine plywood faces. Clare Cousins Architects left all of the wood in this home in its natural state to emphasize its textural patterns and encourage visual cohesion.

Maison Renovation by M-Architecture

maison renovation maison renovation 2

M-Architecture renovated this old apartment in Brussels, opening up its facade with generous installations of glass, flooding the interiors with natural light. The smooth pine plywood cabinets in the tranquilly simple kitchen add to the brightening effect.

Compact Budapest Apartment

compact budapest apartment 2

The use of a wall-sized pine pegboard in this ultra-tiny apartment in Budapest is a clever choice, providing modular, customizable storage and display options in a space where every inch counts.

Pale Pine Beauty by Made Architecture

pale pine  made pale pine made 2

Simple notches in the trim make it easy to open these pale pine cabinet doors by Made Architecture while keeping the faces entirely hardware-free for a minimalist effect.