NELMAtv Expands Its “How-To” Educational Video Series

NELMA’s YouTube Channel “NELMAtv” continues to grow with the completion of its third series of specific applications for Eastern White Pine, featuring expert builders that know all the ins-and-outs of using wood products.  The recent 5-part addition covers the installation of Eastern White Pine in a wainscoting application……. the correct way!  NELMA worked with builders Greg Burnet and Ben Bogie of ToolBelt Productions in this latest installation series.  Greg and Ben provided hands-on, practical instructions and valuable tips to attendees at last year’s JLC Live Show in Providence.

Segments include an introductory overview on the history of wainscoting and the high-end look it gives to any room in a home, followed by “Prepping the Wall”, “Detailing Transitions”, “Working around Window Casings”, then finishing the look with “Plinths, Caps, and the Base”.  Of course, Eastern White Pine makes it all look great!

To view the series on YouTube/nelmatv, click here.  The other two series under NELMA’s “How-To” section is the 4-part “Build a Barrel Ceiling”, and the 4-part instruction series on “Properly Installing Exterior Siding”.  These may also be viewed on NELMA’s YouTube Channel, nelmatv.

JLC Live and Lively!

The wildly popular JLC Live Residential Construction Show continues to be a huge draw for building and construction specialists fromJLC Live 2017 Logo throughout New England and the northeast.  Held March 23-25 at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, more than 8,000 hands-on individuals involved with the building trades attended the show.  NELMA once again participated front and center as part of the Softwood Lumber Board supported, Wood, Naturally exhibit, alongside the Southern Forest Products Association and the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association.

Greg Burnet full houseNELMA’s participation also permitted the sponsorship of two, one-hour Building Technology Clinics on the show floor that demonstrated the use of Eastern White Pine patterns in wainscoting applications.  Titled “Creative Interior Wood Finish”, expert builder Greg Burnet, assisted by Ben Bogie, instructed attendees on proper wainscoting installation techniques.  Learning how to install around windows and corners to obtain that high-end, valued-added look drew a packed house for both demonstrations.

“This annual event never ceases to amaze with its high volume traffic year after year,” reported Jeff Easterling, President of NELMA. “The ability to multiply our exposure to this valued audience through the show floor workshops makes this one of our most successful marketing activities.”   Video segments from the demonstration will be added soon for viewing on the Association’s YouTube channel, NELMAtv.Greg Ben Crowd

NELMA would like to thank the Softwood Lumber Board for their continued support and recognition of JLC Live as a top-value venue for the participation of appearance grade lumber producing organizations.

Wainscoting @ JLC Live 2016

With the financial support of the Softwood Lumber Board’s “Wood Naturally” campaign, NELMA once again exhibited and showcased product at this year’s JLC Live Expo, held March 18 & 19 at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence.  More than 8,000 hands-JLC 2016on builders and contractors attended the 2-day expo, one of the best venues for NELMA’s outreach to the building and construction trade profession.  This is the third year of the Association’s participation in the Wood Naturally exhibit alongside the Southern Forest Products Association and the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association.

Inside the exhibit hall, NELMA provided Eastern White Pine pattern product used in two 75-minute workshops titled, “Creative Interior Wood Finish – Fine Details for an Upscale Wainscot”.  Builder, Greg Burnet transferred his wealth of experience and “tricks of the trade” Greg Burnet start of presentationto the audience during the demo using a couple of NELMA patterns, Edge & Center Bead (E&CB) and EWP 4.  “Learning the nuances of what makes wainscoting a high-end, added-value feature within a home is critical to how the finished application should look.”  According to Greg, “You simply cannot get the rich look homeowners want by using plastic or composite knock-off wainscoting products.”  The workshops featured two of NELMA’s most popular reference items, the Grade “Swatch” and the Patterns of Eastern White Pine booklet for pick-up at the exhibit display.

NELMA would like to thank the Softwood Lumber Board for their continued support of this popular regional expo.  “We must continually get inside the heads of this market critical group with the wood message,” stated Jeff Greg Burnet with Wainscoting Behind himEasterling, who represented NELMA at the event.  “Our presence as both exhibitor and construction demonstrator is the one-two punch we need to be successful”.


NELMA was front and center, and on-stage at this year’s JLC Live Expo, held March 20 & 21 at at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence.  2015 marked the 20th anniversary of this wildly popular regional event, with more than 7,200 builders, contractors, and construction-related professionals in attendance over two days.2015 JLC Logo

As with last year’s Show, the Softwood Lumber Board (Check-off Program) sponsored the overall exhibit and workshop demonstrations on behalf of the “Appearance Product” trade organizations as part of its overall promotional program.  NELMA was joined by the Southern Forest Products Association, the Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association and the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association within the Wood, Naturally exhibit, located directly in front of the exhibit hall’s entrance.  Individual kiosks allowed each group to Chart workpromote their specific softwood product applications while generating interest in the overall use of wood in construction.

During the event, 45-minute construction demonstrations of all types took place on the exhibit hall floor, offering attendees with valuable hands-on information on proper construction techniques and project ideas.  Four of these demos were dedicated to using Eastern White Pine, one each day on the proper installation of Bevel siding around windows and another on how to calculate and construct a barrel ceiling using the edge & center bead pattern.  As with past product demonstrations, NELMA utilized the expertise of Rick Arnold, a seasoned and well-respected regional builder.  The short videos produced by the Association from Rick’s demonstrations on proper siding installations three years ago have received more than 8,000 views on NELMAtv.

“We certainly appreciate the Softwood Lumber Board’s support of our Association’s participation in this Show,” stated Jeff Easterling, NELMA President.  “JLC Live is a regionally- significant event where decision-makers and hands-on users of construction products need to continually receive the wood message.”

NELMA Participates in JLC Live Residential Construction Show

Under the banner of Wood, Naturally, NELMA was one of five JLC Program Coverwood product associations that collectively took part in this year’s JLC Live Residential Construction Show, held March 21 & 22 in Providence, Rhode Island with more than 8,000 in attendance. This popular New England event was the first Softwood Lumber Board (Lumber Check-Off Program) sponsored activity for the North American industry’s “appearance” type wood products, which includes interior pattern products, exterior siding, and outdoor decking. Participating associations included NELMA, the Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA), the Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (SLMA), the California Redwood Association, and the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association (WRCLA) in this unique combo promo.

In addition to having a kiosk within the 25’x25’ prime exhibit space located just outside the entrance doors to the show floor, each Association was permitted to have their respective species’ products incorporated within selected demonstrations and clinics held throughout the 2-day event on the Show floor.  Two separate demonstrations were targeted to utilize NELMA’s Eastern White Pine products, both repeated a second time.

Barrel Ceiling3webPromoted as “Crafting Dramatic Interior Ceilings”, NELMA’s E&CB pattern drew the attention with attendees of the natural beauty and the value-added aspect of the product used in this type of application.  The other demonstration was touted as “Installing a High Performance Integrated Siding System”, prominently using Eastern White Pine Bevel Siding within the 1-hour clinic. Both demonstrations were a reunion for NELMA with JLC’s Builder/Presenter Rick Arnold. Rick was the expert used in the Association’s last demonstration and video project at JLC Live in 2011. His how-to videos from that event may be seen on YouTube’s NELMAtv, which provide expert tips and advice that resonate with the truly “hands-on” builder and contractor.

“This SLB-sponsored activity was an excellent first-step in extending the Check-OffBarrel Ceiling2web program’s funding to support promotional opportunities for appearance-grade lumber and wood products, such as NELMA’s Eastern White Pine,” according to Jeff Easterling (NELMA President). “We would not have been at this event otherwise as it was not a budgeted marketing activity for 2014”.

Siding Installation2webNELMA would like to extend its gratitude to SFPA’s Eric Gee, who served as coordinator for the jointly-staffed exhibit space which incorporated large images and a continuous video loop of softwood applications on a large-screen monitor within the exhibit.  In addition, a special thank you to Alden Robbins of Robbins Lumber for providing the pattern material and transportation of the product to the JLC Live Expo venue.