Your Pine Projects! 22 More #EasternWhitePine Inspiration Images

Seeing what the world is making with Eastern White Pine never gets old. The projects are as varied as the people creating them, from rustic flower boxes to cabins by the Maine Cabin Masters. What’s not to love? Whether you’re one of those craftspeople or just want to express your appreciation for this majestic tree’s beauty and important role in the ecosystem, share your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #EasternWhitePine to see them featured here.

Project Spotlight: What Are You Making Out of Eastern White Pine?

Eastern White Pine Projects on Instagram

Have we mentioned lately just how much we love seeing all of your #EasternWhitePine projects on social media? From the rustic to the refined, large projects and small, speaker cabinets and picture frames to stunning timber frame houses – Eastern White Pine really flexes its versatility when we get to experience the many ways in which it’s used. Luckily, Instagram gives us a visually dazzling peek into the latest and greatest creations, as well as awesome action shots of mill workers on the job.

Got photos you’d like to see in our galleries? Make sure to tag #EasternWhitePine, and check back frequently for our next roundup!

Eastern White Pine Projects on Instagram


Design with Pine: Build Your Own Pass-Through Window

pass through window

Few minor renovations can make such a dramatic difference in a small, relatively enclosed room as creating a new pass-through. Whether you choose to cut through an interior wall between the living room and kitchen to open up the space or go bigger with a new pass-through to the yard, this makeover brightens up your home, enhances social gatherings and keeps the cook from feeling too isolated. You can frame out pass-throughs in all sorts of ways, but pine is perfect for this project. Keep it simple with just a little bit of lumber and some tools, or add on a bar for more fun and functionality.

The biggest considerations when planning a pass-through window are determining whether the wall is load bearing and checking for any plumbing, electrical lines or other utilities running through it. You can determine whether it’s load bearing either through the attic or the basement, or consult a structural engineer. There are just a couple extra steps to take to support the weight of the floors above if necessary, like providing temporary support for the load and modifying the wall to make sure it can still support the weight when you’re done.

If you’re handy, this project can be completed over a weekend. If not, take notes of the materials you’ll need in these videos and the tutorials linked below, and find a qualified craftsperson in your area to complete the task.

Creating Interior Windows in Load Bearing Walls –
Kitchen Wall Pass Through – Instructables
Build a Bar Pass-Through – Extreme How-To

Top image via HGTV

Weekend Project: Build an Inexpensive DIY Pine Lumber Greenhouse

pine greenhouse 1

Spring is officially here, according to the calendar – but in most parts of the United States, it’s still a bit too cold to plant many crops directly into the ground. If you need a sunny, insulated space to start some seedlings, a greenhouse is ideal, but you don’t have to build anything complicated or purchase an expensive kit from the hardware store. If you’re relatively handy, you can build a simple, affordable greenhouse out of pine lumber and plastic sheeting.

pine lumber greenhouse

Rob of Bepa’s Garden came up with a nice looking, sturdy design for a pine greenhouse project made of untreated 2”x3” pine lumber and 6ml greenhouse plastic. The structure measures 6’10” by 8’ and cost less than $150 to build, including hardware.

The pine is protected by the plastic, and the structure is large enough for for lots of plants on its two interior shelves, with storage space underneath for tools, soil and other items. A full-sized door is built into the side, and there’s a window opening on the opposite wall to help regulate the interior temperature as it gets warmer.

pine lumber greenhouse 2

Rob reports that his greenhouse has held up remarkably well for its low cost, still doing great after three years of exposure to bitterly cold, snowy Northeast winters. The full plans are available as a download on Etsy for $17.99.

Easy DIY: Build This Simple, Modern Eastern White Pine Playhouse

modern pine playhouse 1

Looking for an easy weekend project that’ll make your house more fun for kids? This playhouse can be made entirely from Eastern White Pine, and it’s simple enough that even novice builders can take it on. Offered up by Janice Andersson of Easy DIY, the Modern Playhouse uses affordable 16mm pine plywood to create a sloped-roof structure with eye-catching circular windows.

modern pine playhouse 2

Measuring just about four by four feet, it’s small enough to keep in the house, but the board materials can be treated with a suitable exterior sealer or varnish if you want to put it in the yard as an outdoor playhouse. In addition to plywood and a few pine blocks, all you’ll need to build the playhouse is some steel decking screws, cut screws, a drill, drill bits and a jig saw with a clean-cut blade.

Keep it raw for a look that’ll blend right in with even the most modern of interiors, or paint it to make your decor scheme. Get the whole tutorial at Easy DIY.

3 Woodworking Craft Projects You Can Make With Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine Craft Projects

Eastern White Pine is considered one of the best woods for crafts, since it’s so easy to carve and sand, leading to a smooth final product that will age beautifully over time. It’s recommended for a wide range of products, including birdhouses, toys, magazine racks, signs and other handmade items – there’s virtually no end to what can be created with it. You can find Eastern White Pine at most hardware stores, or purchase craft packs online from shops like The Wood Box. A site called All Crafts offers a large compendium of woodworking plans for small projects like these. Here are three examples.


From Birds & Blooms comes a simple pine birdhouse project using minimal materials and tools. It’s an easy task for anyone who wants to try their hand at a basic building project, even if you’ve never built anything before. The hole size is variable so you can customize it to the types of birds in your yard, whether you’ve got an abundance of little chickadees or larger bluebirds.

Toy Cars and Trains

Tarjany Designs and sell plans for traditional, non-toxic wooden toys, ranging from single cars made from a single slab of wood to intricate train sets with moving parts. No matter what your skill level is, you can find a project to make as a gift for a special little one in your life.

Simple Spice Rack or Pantry Door Rack

A spice rack is another simple DIY wood craft project that can serve as an introduction to making more complex items. Make a small one with just three shelves using the free plans at Woodworking Down Under, or try your hand at a larger rack that fits inside the pantry door at Shanty 2 Chic.