2011 Shipments of Northeastern Softwood Lumber Drop 3% below 2010

Data for 2011 has been finalized, showing total shipments of softwood lumber from Northeastern mills reporting to NELMA decreased slightly from year-end 2010’s numbers.  A total of 726.68 million board feet of shipments for all softwoods was reported to NELMA for the year, compared with the 743.37 million total for 2010, a 3% drop.  The 2011 totals included 382.12 mmbf of Dimension Lumber, primarily Spruce-Pine-Fir (south) stamped lumber, and 344.56 mmbf of Eastern White Pine.

December shipments of Dimension lumber were at their highest levels for that month since 2007, at 33.2 million board feet, with Eastern White Pine lagging behind December of the previous two years, with 29.75 million board feet shipped during the month.

The tables below provide a 4-year summary by month for both Dimension  and Eastern White Pine: