Find Us, Like Us!

Find us, Like us!  We’ve all heard the phrase as just about every television and radio commercial uses it to entice customers to learn more about the advertiser.  Most even include special offers, discounts, and coupons as bribery to get “friends” for the business.  And everyone knows it’s all about Facebook by just hearing those magic words!  Sounds like a silly marketing tool to most of us over 40, but with over 4 million businesses (and growing exponentially) currently on Facebook, who can LOL about it now?

3c908b6cbe9c5ebbc98135ebacc4bd17Enter NELMA into the world of the Gen X and Millennium-agers primary form of communication with our very own Facebook Business page, thanks to Kim Drew, the Association’s new public relations guru.  Utilizing this online interactive gizmo is yet another way to increase the visibility of the Association, its membership, and the products our members’ manufacturer, via postings, photos, videos, and the “wall” to mainstream our message in contemporary ways.  And, when you think about it…….it’s FREE!

All we need now are “friends” and lots of ’em (we’re working on that coupon idea), so just click here to see what it’s all about…….then hit the “like” bottom on the page!