NELMA’s Pine Subcommittee Reviews Weevil Research @ UMaine

0959c9cb99e118df21a22934f80c46e8Members and guests of NELMA’s Pine Subcommittee traveled to Orono, Maine on July 14 for a full-day of business at the University of Maine.  Beginning with a review of the Pine Weevil Resistance Research project on the University’s Demeritt Forest, a full tour and discussion of the progress of the year 4 seedling test plot was provided by 3815439a4dd9f8310f99a93f335b9444Dr. Robert Seymour, project leader.   Minimal to no damage has been observed thus far in what would be a prime weevil activity period.  Exciting news for future forests of Eastern White Pine and greater log and lumber value to the industry.   To further test the seedlings’ resistance, the researchers plan to inoculate stems with the weevil later this year or in year 5.  NELMA is a primary co-sponsor of this long-term research effort as part of the Association’s commitment to the future of the Northeastern softwood lumber industry.

In addition to the Weevil research, Dr. Seymour took the opportunity to also provide a tour of several forest management growth plots of Eastern White Pine with various tree spacing models and the effects of pruning.

601ce7decde8ecab179093c5b5504787Following lunch, the Subcommittee convened on the UMaine campus to review the Eastern White Pine lumber grade, C Select, and the allowable defects contained with the grade to ensure it meets today’s marketplace needs.  Following full discussion of all aspects of the grading rule’s components, the Subcommittee voted to maintain the current requirements, but continue to review as needed or requested.

NELMA would like to extend its appreciation to Dr. Robert Seymour and staff at the University’s Forest for scheduling and conducting this highly informative and extensive tour of ongoing research.