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15,000 Free Eastern White Pine Seedlings Will Make Ontario Greener

EWP seedling

The government of Ontario will be giving away 15,000 free seed pods of Eastern White Pine – its official tree – to make the province greener and cleaner for future generations. Among North America’s most valuable trees, these pines are known for living as long as 500 years and growing to nearly 130 feet in height. The government hopes people will plant them in places where they can be enjoyed many years into the future.

“The Eastern White Pine is the official tree of the province of Ontario and we want to be able to re-green the province,” says Michael Gravelle, the Minister of Northern Development and Mines. “These can grow into incredible, beautiful trees in our conifer forest… In the 17 and 1800s these tall, sturdy, straight trees were constructed into ships’ masts and the best were stamped and claimed by the Crown for their Royal Navy vessels.”

Distributed at schools and community events across Ontario, the seed pods will add beauty to the natural landscapes along the highways and waterways as well as in neighborhoods and parks, says Gravelle. Participants can register the trees they plant on an interactive map at

We’re excited about this project initiated by our neighbors to the north – maybe some New England states will follow suit!

Image via Wikimedia Commons


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