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34-Story Wooden Skyscraper Planned for Stockholm

Wooden Skyscraper Sweden 1

The wooden skyscraper revolution continues as more architects get back to basics, even for structures that reach into the clouds. Sweden’s Berg | C.F. Moller’s proposed design for HSB Stockholm’s architectural competition 2023 envisions a future in which our tallest residential buildings are made of wood. The firm’s 34-story design would be all-wood construction over a concrete core, with both social and environmental sustainability at the forefront of the project.

The architects chose wood because its production has no waste products and binds CO2. It’s low weight but very strong, and more fire resistant than both steel and concrete due to the fact that 15% of its mass is water. The beams and pillars of the skyscraper are made of solid wood, and each apartment is lined in it for a warm, homey feel.

Wooden Skyscraper Sweden 2

The skyscraper has a stepped design at the top, allowing for private rooftop gardens complete with full-sized trees. The lower apartments have glass-covered verandas, and the whole building is powered by rooftop solar panels.  It’ll not only provide eco-friendly residences, but act as a landmark for the city.

Wooden Skyscraper Sweden 3

This is just one more example of innovative visions for super-tall wooden structures coming out of the architecture world in recent months. The architecture firm that designed the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) of Chicago plans a 42-story wooden skyscraper, the tallest of its kind, and architect Michael Green has designed a concept for a 30-story tower in Vancouver.


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