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6 Sculptural Tree Trunk & Log Staircases to Spur Your Imagination

tree trunk staircases white pine lonesome dove

Rustic stairs that retain the feel of a living tree act as a sculptural centerpiece, bringing the sense of connection to nature into a building’s interior. While they’re most often found in log cabins, timber frame homes and tree houses, tree trunk and log-based staircases look incredible integrated with all sorts of architectural styles. These 6 examples might just give you some ideas for your next project.

The rugged beauty pictured above can be found in a two-story coastal Eastern White Pine log cabin in Trinity, Texas, which is currently for sale.

stairmeister 1

The ‘Signature’ spiral stair by Stairmeister Log Works features a log column with an optional root flare intact at the base for a treehouse-like effect. The company also builds circular and straight-run stairs around rustic tree trunks.

three story log staircase

A 42-foot-tall tree supports the single-stringer stairs on this incredible thee-story log staircase by Bill Miller. “The railings serve as trusses to provide strength and stability to each log tread,” he says. “The railings were all built in place.

log stairs crazy house

Carved right into a single log, this steep staircase at the ‘Crazy House’ in Vietnam probably wouldn’t pass muster with building inspectors in the United States, but it’s an interesting idea.

stacked wood stairs

Built around a pile of stacked logs, this unusual staircase can be found in one of AirBnB’s most popular tree houses.

smith built inc log stair

Smith Built Inc. created this log staircase for a custom home in the South Sound area of Washington State.


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