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Architectural Monographs: Colonial Charleston Mansions

Whte Pine Monographs Charleston Mansions 1


The grand homes of Charleston, South Carolina may be larger and more ornate than the simple New England structures typically celebrated in the historic White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs, but they carry the same sense of human scale and homeyness. Those qualities are put on display in this issue, highlighting several notable Colonial houses in the southern seaside city.

White Pine Monographs Charleston Mansions 2

These homes may often be separated from passersby by massive iron gates topped with intimidating spikes, but they still feel welcoming thanks to their placement close to the street. The Miles Brewton Mansion (also known as the Pringle House) is one example, one of very few old houses that survived several disastrous fires throughout the city’s history.

White Pine Monographs Charleston mansions 3

The author of this monograph describes the qualities of this mansion and others that “astound Northerners,” including architectural details reminiscent of Tudor England and Spanish-style tiled roofs. Sturdy bricks and tiled roofs were adopted as time went on to make homes more fireproof. Other details described as unique Charlestonian features include many-sided bay windows.

White Pine Monographs Charleston mansions 4

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