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Architectural Monographs: Colonial Standouts of Wiscasset, Maine

EWP Monographs Wiscasset Maine 1

An influx of wealth from exports of Eastern White Pine and other species of timber resulted in a profusion of beautiful Colonial buildings in Wiscasset, Maine in the late 1700s. Located on the Sheepscot River, with easy access to the sea, Wiscasset remains a charming port town with many of those beautiful early structures still standing, drawing in fans of Colonial history and architecture.

EWP Monographs Wiscasset Maine 3

One standout Colonial building of Wiscasset is the mansion of Capt. William Nickels, completed in 1808. Legend has it that it took two years just to complete its front hall, and when you see photos of how intricately carved it is (above), that’s not hard to believe.

EWP Monographs Wiscasset Maine 4

The Smith House, built in 1792, is even more famous, not because it’s more intricate, but because locals allege that it’s haunted. A widow’s walk on the roof gives it a hint of atmosphere, though it’s impeccably well-kept and sparkling white to this day. The stories go back to the 1800s, when passersby reportedly walked on the other side of the street because they found the home peculiar. Unexplained incidents in the home include eerie footstep sounds and an elderly woman rocking in the parlor only to disappear suddenly.

Read more about Wiscasett’s famous Colonial architecture at the White Pine Monograph Library.


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