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Are we still doing shiplap?

LivingEtc, recently posed this question to some interior design influencers: Is “Shiplap” out of style? 

While many trends that become popular do start to fade due to their very own popularity (recall the Yogi Berra line – “No one goes there nowadays, it’s too crowded.”), some argue that shiplap still maintains a timelessness to it that will carry the trend for a very long time.

TL:DR:  Yes, but also No.

Here’s what a few designers had to say about shiplap’s use and longevity.

Hamptons-based designer Timothy Godbold: “I’m not sure if it will be a timeless finish as it has become overly popular.” “It’s always a warning sign when you see shiplap in every house.”

(Image credit: Katie Alice. Design: Cortney Bishop)

Interior Designer Cortney Bishop: “In the coastal communities we live in, it will always be appreciated.” “It has effortless style and charm.”

(Image credit: Katie Alice. Design: Cortney Bishop)

Interior Designer Timothy Godbold:  ‘This carpentry style is a great way to give an added dimension to a room without it looking too heavy,’

(Image credit: David Mitchell. Design: Timothy Godbold)
(Image credit: Jessica Nicastro Design)
Designer Jessica Nicastro, of Jessica Nicastro Design: “Shiplap is a great way to add texture to a monochromatic space.”  “It is also often used in open concept homes to delineate the individual spaces.”


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