Bark Measurement Tool Reprinted

NELMA’s bark measurement ruler is back in print for use by wood packaging facilities and now available from your NELMA Inspector.  This unique tool has been a handy reference piece for facility personnel to make sure their heat-treated lumber used in constructing wood packaging for export is in compliance with the bark restrictions mandated by the IPPC ISPM 15 Standard.Bark Ruler 12-15 v2

As a reminder, the restriction for bark are:
(1) Less than 3 centimeters in width, regardless of length, OR
(2) If greater than 3 centimeters in width, the total surface area must be less than 50 square centimeters.

The ruler is exactly 3 centimeters in width, with the full text of the bark restrictions listed on one side, and a 16 centimeter ruler on the other side.  All printed on heavy-duty, tear resistant paper stock.  If you need any additional rulers, just ask your NELMA Inspector on his next visit to your facility.