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Big Tree Hunt: Search for Michigan’s Tallest Eastern White Pine

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The state tree of Maine and Michigan and the Provincial Tree of Ontario, Canada, Eastern White Pine, is renowned for all sorts of reasons: its beauty in the landscape, its crucial role in the early history of the United States, all of the amazing things that can be made from it and its important place within the ecosystems in which it’s found. But of course, it’s also well known for one very big reason indeed: it’s the tallest tree east of the Rocky Mountains.

Native to North America with a range extending from Canada to North Georgia, the Eastern White Pine generally grows from 80 to 120 feet tall, but some impressive specimens reach heights even more magnificent. According to the New England Historical Society, the tallest tree in Massachusetts is a 163.2-foot white pine named Jake Swamp in the Trees of Peace Grove in Mohawk Trail State Forest, along with 83 other trees reaching 148 feet, the largest collection of tall white pines in New England.

New Hampshire has its own record-breaking white pine measuring 166.1 feet tall on a private estate in Claremont, and according to legend, a pine cut on the site of Dartmouth College reached a height of 240 feet. Vermont’s tallest tree is a 143.4-foot white pine in Arlington, according to the Eastern Native Tree Society.

Now, Michigan is searching for some ultra-tall trees of its own. Ann Arbor-based ReLeaf Michigan has launched its Michigan Big Tree Hunt Contest, which runs through September 3rd, and they’re looking for submissions.

“Certificates and prizes will be awarded for the largest tree submitted from each of the state’s counties, for the largest tree found by someone 15 and younger and 16 and older, and for the largest Eastern White Pine in the state. The Michigan Big Tree Hunt was started in 1993 to celebrate the state’s beauty and gather information about its biggest trees. Contest entries provide potential state champion trees to Michigan’s Big Tree Registry as well as the National Register of Big Trees.

ReLeaf Michigan partners with communities to replenish the state’s tree canopies by planting trees in public spaces.”

If you’ve spotted a potential contender, head over to the Big Tree Hunt Entry Form!

Still hungry for world records about trees? Learn about Maine’s tallest Eastern White Pines and the majestic old growth eastern white pines of Pennsylvania.


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