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Blackened and Unfinished Pine Pair Beautifully in These Modern Homes

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At a modern resort in Poland, a series of striking cabins demonstrate just how gorgeous pine wood can be when it’s paired with graphic black and white elements. Camppinus Park by the Polish architecture firm mode:lina offers contemporary lodging in a seaside town, aiming for breezy vibes and a look that’s somewhat minimalist but still comfortable and livable.

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The architects wanted to use natural, sustainable local materials in the project, which led them to choose pine. For strong visual contrast, they took inspiration from the Japanese wood-burning technique shou sugi ban, blackening many of the pine boards that went into each house.

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Huge expanses of glass bring daylight streaming into pine-clad living areas, where all the knots and markings that give this wood species so much character are highlighted to full effect. The result is undeniably striking, lightened here and there with a bit of white. The exteriors are treated with the shou sugi ban technique, as well.

“The interior concept derives directly from the architecture’s character – inside of buildings with black facades, the designers placed smaller, distinctive black houses which contain a kitchen, a bathroom and wardrobes. This allowed for a visual division of houses into functional areas. A visible wooden construction, in a natural pine colour, forms a living room with a large glass facade; while surrounding the black house with grey concrete tiles which resemble typical hexagon pavers, help distinguish passageways and dining area. “

Read more about shou sugi ban and how it’s used to make wood more resistant to water, pests and even fire.


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