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Blue Ox Timber Frames: Hand-Crafted Eastern White Pine Homes

blue ox stowe lake

The popularity of Eastern White Pine as a primary material for timber frame homes now extends far beyond New England, where it has been in use for centuries. Log home and timber frame home designers and builders all over the country favor this species not just for its affordability, but also for its strength, pliability and size.

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Since these trees can grow well over one hundred feet tall, they produce ultra-long timber and trunks that can span as much as twenty feet across. Its strong cross-grain fiber, light grain and the character of its natural markings make Eastern White Pine an ideal choice for home designs featuring exposed beams.

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All of this is particularly evident in the work of Blue Ox Timber Frames, a company based in the Lakes Country of Central Minnesota. Building homes all over the United States and in Canada, Blue Ox offers 13 traditional timber frame home plans as well as customized options, ranging from a modest yet beautiful one-bedroom to a luxurious 5-bedroom estate.

blue ox eastern white pine light house blue ox flag island light house 2 blue ox audubon 4 blue ox audubon 5

Their use of Eastern White Pine really shows off what this wood can do! Enjoy these photos of Blue Ox Eastern White Pine creations, inside and out, including the Flag Island Lighthouse.

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