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Building with Eastern White Pine: Behind the Scenes with Brunswick Timber Frames, Inc.

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From whole logs to lovingly crafted beams for a beautiful custom home, the transformation of raw Eastern White Pine to structures that will last many lifetimes is so satisfying to observe. Brunswick Timber Frames, a company based in Rensselaer County in upstate New York, creates new timber structures for a region rich in historic timber frame barns built in the 18th and 19th centuries. In fact, founder Jim Doyle first found his passion for his craft when working on a local dairy farm, where he marveled at a massive, sturdy post marked “1764,” and all of the structure’s detailed joinery.

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Today, Brunswick Timber Frames uses housed mortise and tenon joinery just like those early builders did to produce solid, strong frames that last. They’ve documented their design and building process on their website, giving us a glimpse into a day in the life of their craftspeople. The majority of their frames are made of Eastern White pine, harvested locally and carefully hand-selected.

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“Our larger frames include timbers that are over 30 feet long,” they say. “These timbers originate from an exceptional log. Through our network of loggers and sawmills we are able to obtain these timbers which ultimately make a very traditional and strong frame. When the timbers are delivered to our shop we begin the joinery process. We use both traditional hand tools and modern power tools to complete the joinery. Once completed, the frame components are delivered to your building site where it is assembled and erected.”

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Check out the whole gallery at the Brunswick Timber Frames website.


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