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Cabin Dreams: 6 Sweet Rustic Getaways Made of Pine

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Cabin fever isn’t always a bad thing. Who among us hasn’t daydreamed about getting away to the woods, keeping cozy by the fire while gazing up at the hand-hewn beams of a charming little structure made of pine? Whether your personal style leans toward clean and modern, rustic and old fashioned or somewhere in between, you’ll find something in these six pine cabins that’ll have you looking up cabin rentals near you… or planning to build one of your very own.

Estemerwalt Log Homes, Pennsylvania

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Estemerwalt Log Homes proudly uses Eastern White Pine to craft its gorgeous getaways, and even boasts its own sawmill. “Every log, every piece of siding, every timber, every piece of tongue and groove, and nearly every wood surface you will see in your new home was sawn, dried and manufactured right here,” they say.

Adirondack White Pine Cabins, New York

Adirondack White Pine Cabins 1

Adirondack Pine Cabins

Built in Saranac Lake, New York, the Adirondack White Pine Cabins are made from locally milled and harvested white pine lumber to be as energy efficient as possible, and they’re adorable, too.

Real Log Homes of Vermont

Real Log Homes Small Cabin

Real Log Homes Small Cabin 2

“Eastern white pine is our most popular wood species,” says Vermont building company Real Log Homes, which produces a stunning lineup of residences in styles like “Mountain,” “Waterfront,” “Contemporary” and “Small Cabin.” The latter is pictured here. Cute, huh?

Vermont Cabin by Jamaica Cottage Company

Jamaica Cottage Company Vermont Cabin

Jamaica Cottage Co Vermont Cabin 2

Want to get a tiny cabin up on your property ASAP? The Jamaica Cottage Shop offers a variety of cabin models that are charming as can be, like the 20×40 Vermont Cabin model pictured above. They’re available as kits, plans or – if you’re in the Northeast – fully assembled and delivered to your site.

Log Cabin Homes in Rocky Point, North Carolina

Log Cabin Homes Rocky Point

Log Cabin Homes Rocky Point 2

“Eastern White Pine is lightweight, soft, even-textured, light in color and easily worked, making it a great choice of pine log homes,” says Log Cabin Homes, a builder based in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. “Eastern White Pine is probably the least resinous of all pines. Its remarkable durability is evidenced by the number of houses built of Eastern White Pine in New England 200 or more years ago still in existence.”

Eagle Pond House, New Hampshire

Eagle Pond House New Hampshire

Eagle Pond House New Hampshire 2

Crisp and modern, Eagle Pond House was designed and built by the architect-owners using locally sourced Eastern White Pine as well as wood cut down on the property. Working on a tight budget, the couple crafted almost every detail by hand, including the kitchen cabinetry.


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