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Cabin Kits: An Affordable Option for Log Cabin Living

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Whether it’s a hunting shelter, vacation getaway or a full-time residence, a log cabin is a beautiful option for rustic lodging. Pre-cut log cabin kits make it fairly easy and affordable to build your own. Often made of Eastern White Pine, these kits include coded or tagged logs, screws, insulation, floor joists, windows, decking and virtually everything else you need to construct a cabin ranging from the most simple shed-sized structures to larger, multi-story homes.

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Modular cabin kits allow aspiring cabin owners with a D-I-Y spirit to play a role in every step of building their own structure, from the ground up, while sticking to a budget and following expert instructions. Generally, you just need some basic tools like a ladder, power drill, circular saw, hammer and caulking gun.

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Log cabins made from kits are different from handcrafted log homes, in that the latter are produced from whole logs by artisans who hand-peel and notch the logs individually. Because handcrafted log homes are made one at a time, using traditional techniques, they have a different feel from cabins produced using logs milled to be uniform in shape so they fit together like puzzle pieces.

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There are many log cabin companies offering kits that they will ship anywhere within the continental United States, but you can also find a provider in your area. Once you choose the model you prefer, you can often make small changes to the design to customize it to your preferences.

Photos: Merrimac Log Homes


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