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Can Paper Cut Wood? Find Out in This Crazy Viral Video

Paper is thin, flimsy, and all too easy to damage and destroy. But anyone who’s ever gotten a particularly nasty paper cut knows its edge can be dangerous when wielded in just the right way. So what happens when you cut it into a circle and fit it into a circular saw as a replacement for a metal blade? The world’s most painful paper cut, if you’re not careful! Watch in this viral video, viewed over 12 million times, as John Heisz of ‘I Build It’ gives his paper saw a series of materials to tackle.

“This redefines ‘paper cut,’ I guess,” he says. “And while this really doesn’t have any practical applications, it was interesting to do. Even more so, since the paper I used was nothing out of the ordinary – just regular printer paper with no special treatment. Add to that the time of year (it was hot and humid, making the paper fairly limp with moisture), it’s amazing that it worked at all.”

Anyone want to volunteer testing this out with some card stock?