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Celebrating 85 Years of NELMA & Over a Century of Promoting White Pine

White Pine Historic Monographs

The Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NELMA) celebrated its 85th birthday this year with a gathering in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, bringing together over 140 members and guests to play golf, network and learn about the latest technology. Founded in 1933 to administer and monitor the provisions of the newly-founded Lumber Code Authority in the Northeast following President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, NELMA quickly became a voluntary trade organization after support for the Recovery Act waned, and it has provided essential support for the Northeastern lumber industry ever since.

Meanwhile, the White Pine Bureau formed in 1915 to represent two trade organizations: the Northern Pine Manufacturers Association of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan as well as The Associated White Pine Manufacturers of Idaho. Carrying out advertising campaigns on behalf of the White Pine manufacturing industry, the Bureau began publishing the White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs 3 to 6 times each year. The issues focused on highlighting early American buildings made of white pine, exploring different architectural styles or structures in specific towns.

White Pine Historic Monographs

White Pine Historic Monographs

After 10 years, the White Pine Bureau passed the publication of the White Pine Monographs on to its editor, Russell F. Whitehead with the support of Weyerhaeuser Forest Products Company. The original series lasted 27 years, and after a long break, NELMA resurrected it in a new form. 2006 saw the start of a new era for the Monographs, maintaining their original look and feel while highlighting modern trends and examples. Today, NELMA provides access to the entire run of the publication at the Eastern White Pine Monograph Library.

All 98 of the original historic booklets and 10 contemporary issues are available to be read and printed, and they give us a fascinating look at the history of white pine in the United States. Not only are they packed with articles and photographs, they offer a glimpse at historic conditions like the challenge of advertising during World War I as well as a fun range of old advertisements.

Check out the whole collection here.

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