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Curving Pine Plywood Partition Sets Off a Vaulted Interior in Barcelona

pine partition main

Providing both a separation of space and an earthy sense of groundedness in a stunning vaulted space, this raw pine plywood partition curves around the central living space of an apartment in Barcelona, Spain. Local architect Raúl Sánchez of RAS Arquitectura was charged with renovating the formerly dingy subterranean interior into a bright and livable home worthy of its seaside location, and it definitely looks like he succeeded on that point.

pine partition 1

pine partition 2

The space is just 600 square feet in total, and was totally undivided, with no private rooms. The renovation defines separate living areas without cutting off the gorgeous ceilings and their textural concrete supports, and the pine gives it a characteristic warmth to keep all that white from looking too clinical.

pine partition 3 pine partition 4

“The laminated pine dividing the walls highlight the items in the center of the space, while contrasting with the white surfaces of the existing walls,” says the architect. “This is the serene canvas against which future users will splash the colors and textures of their furnishings and belongings.”

pine partition 5 pine partition 6

“When we removed the worksite floodlights in early summer we found that natural light filled the space and bounced on the walls nicely, creating a very pleasant and comfortable humidity-free space which seemed much bigger than its meager 55 square meters.”


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