Design Values and Span Tables

The following is provided to assist architects, engineers, and builders in specifying and designing with Northeastern lumber products. While the information was developed with the latest available information, please consult with a design professional for your specific building project needs.

Base Design Values (All Northeastern Species)

Softwood Lumber – 2″ to 4″ thick by 2″ and thicker

Hardwood Lumber – 2″ to 4″ thick by 2″ and thicker

Beams and Stringers – All species, 5″ & thicker and width 2″ greater than thickness

Posts and Timbers – All species, 5″ by 5″ and larger with width not more than 2″ greater than thickness

Base Value Equations & Adjustment Factor Tables

Size Adjusted Design Values by Species:

Spruce-Pine-Fir South (SPFs)

Eastern White Pine

Eastern Hemlock-Balsam Fir

Eastern Softwoods

Span Tables – Spruce Pine Fir South (SPFs)