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Design with Pine: Build Your Own Pass-Through Window

pass through window

Few minor renovations can make such a dramatic difference in a small, relatively enclosed room as creating a new pass-through. Whether you choose to cut through an interior wall between the living room and kitchen to open up the space or go bigger with a new pass-through to the yard, this makeover brightens up your home, enhances social gatherings and keeps the cook from feeling too isolated. You can frame out pass-throughs in all sorts of ways, but pine is perfect for this project. Keep it simple with just a little bit of lumber and some tools, or add on a bar for more fun and functionality.

The biggest considerations when planning a pass-through window are determining whether the wall is load bearing and checking for any plumbing, electrical lines or other utilities running through it. You can determine whether it’s load bearing either through the attic or the basement, or consult a structural engineer. There are just a couple extra steps to take to support the weight of the floors above if necessary, like providing temporary support for the load and modifying the wall to make sure it can still support the weight when you’re done.

If you’re handy, this project can be completed over a weekend. If not, take notes of the materials you’ll need in these videos and the tutorials linked below, and find a qualified craftsperson in your area to complete the task.

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Top image via HGTV


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