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Design with Pine: Get Inspiration from This Unique Room Divider

Now that the pandemic has shifted the way we interact with each other, especially indoors, room dividers are a hot topic. If you need to create some safe separation at your business, office or even at home, you might be looking for creative ways to divide up the space that also look nice.

Here’s a great example that can provide some inspiration for your DIY project (or, if you’re not that handy, show it to your contractor!). Architects Juan Alberto Andrade and Maria Jose Vascones have created a room within a room for technology services company Mendotel, allowing employees to safely host meetings and workspace within an open office. 

“The work dynamics were analysed, getting as a result an office and sales location with different levels of privacy,” said the architects.”With a reduced space, the reticulated shelf was partitioned with glass divisions from floor to ceiling, which provides solid privacy but allows visual permeability throughout the place, creating a new interior facade.”

Theoretically, as long as everyone is wearing masks, employees can gain an extra level of protection from visitors – and vice versa – by opening up these window-like partitions. The architects crafted the walls out of pine lumber, glass and oriented strand board, but you could adapt it with plywood, plexiglass or other materials you have handy or prefer to work with.

Instead of looking like it came straight out of a hospital or creating an atmosphere that’s less than welcoming, these pine partition walls have a graphic architectural look to them, adding something visually cool to the ambiance of the space.


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