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Eastern Softwood Spotlight & NELMA Close-up

An added feature debuted in the March issue of Building Products Digest magazine, with the front-page headline spotlighting Eastern Softwoods. This special feature provided an opportunity for NELMA to zero in on the Association’s “other” half, namely Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF) lumber.  “We don’t often get a chance to fully discuss this important March 2015 SPF Article-webconstruction species grouping to the retailer/wholesaler audience,” stated Jeff Easterling, President of NELMA. “Confusion and 25 year-old misconceptions still exist with customer groups regarding lumber stamped SPF (produced from Canadian logs) and product stamped SPFs (produced from U.S. grown logs).”

The full page article goes into comparative information on the origins of the SPF nomenclature and how for most general “repetitive use” construction applications, lumber stamped with either designation provide adequate strength properties. Readers are also prompted to research more details on the SPFs-specific website developed by NELMA, (under revision), including the LEED point advantage for buildings that use regionally-produced softwood lumber in construction. Good news for architects and builders from Maine to Pennsylvania!

The Digest’s Special Feature continues with another full page that details the ongoing additions within NELMA’s Grader Academy since its introduction to the masses in May of 2014.  The 100 Series Courseware for learning the grades of Spruce-Pine-Fir made its debut in March, available online 24/7/365 at   Meanwhile, the 300 Series Level for Eastern White Pine is also described as the latest, higher level to further the learning experience.

To view the NELMA Close-up articles in the March 2015 issue of Building Products Digest, follow this link and turn to pages 12-14.


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