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Eastern White Pine Houses for Feathered and Furry Friends

Eastern White Pine Eco-Friendly Bird Houses

Did you know that Eastern White Pine is one of the most common materials available to make craft wood projects, including hand-crafted bird and bat houses? Used for centuries to craft traditional wide-plank floors, siding, furniture and other products, sustainably grown Eastern White Pine is durable, yet light and soft, making it easy to work with. You can purchase craft wood to create your own DIY projects, or shop for pre-made Eastern White Pine crafts, including the wildlife houses and feeders available at websites like

Birdee Bird offers houses for birds, owls, bats, squirrels, ducks, bees and butterflies in addition to feeders and ‘window nests’ with transparent panels that can be suction-cupped to a window in your home for an unparalleled view at developing nestlings. There’s even a birdhouse spycam, a color birdhouse webcam inside a wooden nest box that will send footage of the nest live to your television.

Eastern White Pine is an ideal material for these products, because it provides superior insulation while remaining light in weight. Birdee Bird’s houses and feeders are handmade in Portland, Maine by a team of wildlife experts using sustainable, second-growth pine trees. The eco-friendly pine used to create these unique products is sourced from a local mill that continually replants where it harvests, preventing soil erosion and preserving wildlife habitats. These practices are part of what makes Eastern White Pine more sustainable than pines grown on plantations.


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