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Eastern White Pine Paneling in Gorgeous Contemporary Bathroom

EWP Bathroom 1

The pale, highly versatile color and smooth finish of Eastern White Pine makes it a natural choice for wood accents in modern and contemporary spaces as well as more rustic applications. Inspirations Design Studio provides a stunning example with this restroom at the Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club in Atlanta.

EWP Bathroom 2

Combined with smooth surfaces in white and gray, the wood becomes the primary visual feature of the bathroom, bringing a touch of nature into what could otherwise be a cold and impersonal space. The horizontal lines act as a decorative element, breaking up the expanse of wall.

EWP Bathroom 3

While tile is most often chosen for bathrooms because it’s so easy to clean, wood is more suitable for spaces that get wet than many people realize. The trick is in how it’s installed and finished. Most experts recommend using water-resistant tar paper behind the wood to keep moisture from getting trapped, and finishing the wood with a water-resistant sealant like linseed oil or urethane.

EWP Bathroom 4

Aside from its aesthetic benefits, wood can provide a helpful function in a space like a bathroom: absorbing sound. This can be especially beneficial in larger public restrooms that are adjacent to other facilities.


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