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Eastern White Pine Showcased in September Building Products Digest

It all began 10 years ago with the 2004 issue of Building Products Digest (BPD)September13cover magazine. This was the debut of the annual “Eastern White Pine” special section within the publication, where NELMA and its lumber manufacturing and wholesaler members have an opportunity to entice the nearly 17,000 lumber and building material retail dealers readers that Eastern White Pine should be tops on their list.

From 4 pages of editorial and 4 advertisers from within the Association ranks in 2004, the spotlight section has more than doubled, with this year’s 10 pages of NELMA-provided editorial and 10 advertisers! Take a look here at the 2013 edition of this spotlight section.

Our informational and promotional inserts for the section begin with a note about shipment data from NELMA’s mills and their 6-year high through the first part of the year, followed by our early announcement and visual preview of “Above Board”, the interactive lumber grader training tool and affiliated game scheduled to go live later this year. This teaser was followed by a brief look at NELMA’s next White Pine Monograph that focuses on women in the Northeastern lumber industry and their key roles, both past and present. The revamp of garners some words within this special section, in addition to a detailed release on the winner of NELMA’s 2013 Sustainable Versatility Design Award for collegiate architecture student, Benjamin Greer of Northeastern University.

“It is very exciting to see the development and evolution of this special Eastern White Pine section over the past 10 years. We want to thank Building Products Digest and its publisher, Alan Oakes, for giving us this broad platform to showcase the world of Eastern White Pine and the various and unique collateral support items the Association has available to assist lumber retailers and wholesalers in product sales.” NELMA would also like to thank this year’s member advertisers that also made this species spotlight possible; Durgin & Crowell Lumber Inc., Irving Forest Products, Hancock Lumber Co., Limington Lumber Co., Pleasant River Lumber Co., Robbins Lumber Co., Sandy Neck Traders, Seaboard International Forest Products LLC, and the Warren Trask Co.


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