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Eastern White Pine Siding Adds Eco-Friendly Warmth and Character

Eastern White Pine Cushman Goose Farm 3

Known for its characteristic knots, Eastern White Pine is a versatile building material for both indoor and outdoor applications. This sustainable softwood is becoming an increasingly popular material for exterior siding, adding warmth and texture to homes that range from rustic cabins to sleek modern residences. Architects and builders turn to Eastern White Pine as a biodegradable, energy-efficient exterior finish that stands up to the elements and grows more beautiful with time.

Eastern White Pine Cushman Goose Farm 1

Cushman Design Group of Stowe, Vermont has incorporated Eastern White Pine into much of its architectural portfolio, showing off the beauty of this locally-sourced building material. For Goose Farm, a barn-inspired residence, Cushman Design Group chose band sawn shiplap Eastern White Pine in a translucent stain, giving it a weathered look that pays tribute to long-lasting wood structures found in the countryside all over the nation.

For the architects, Eastern White Pine was a natural choice in an environmentally conscious home that also features passive solar orientation, triple-glazed windows and superior wall and roof insulation.

Eastern White Pine Cushman Goose Farm 2

Why Eastern White Pine? Aside from its aesthetic qualities, this wood variety native to the Northeast United States won’t swell or shrink significantly with changes in moisture conditions. Its soft, smooth texture makes it easy to sand, paint and stain. It’s also an effective insulator against heat and cold, so when it’s used as exterior siding, it can help lower energy bills year-round.

Customers looking for building materials that are grown, harvested and processed with respect for the environment also love the fact that Eastern White Pine is grown in sustainably managed mixed wood forests. The trees are harvested once they reach an age of 80 to 100 years old, so they can grow tall, straight and strong.


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