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Eastern White Pine Timbers at the Deer Lake Scout Camp, Vermont

Deer Lake Timber Frame 1

Strong, economical and full of character, Eastern White Pine is a popular choice for traditional timber frame architecture, a style that’s experiencing a renaissance as interest grows in both sustainability and the charm of wood. This example highlights some beautiful, towering Eastern White Pine timbers in the Deer Lake Scout Camp in Vermont.

Deer Lake Timber Frame 2

Vermont Timber Works collaborated with Bismark Construction and Huestis Tucker Architects, LLC to create this vast timber-framed hall complete with a large stone fireplace and a striking rustic chandelier.

Deer Lake Timber Frame 3

Eastern White Pine structures like this one are especially common in the Northeast, where the trees grow in abundance. Architecture firms, designers and builders with an eye on sustainability like Eastern White Pine not only because it’s local and thus less expensive and carbon-intensive to ship, but also for its beauty, and the way that it’s grown.

Deer Lake Timber Frame 4

Planning for a healthy continued harvest into the future and keeping the local ecosystem in balance are among the benefits of the natural mixed forests in which Eastern White Pine is grown. Learn more about why Eastern White Pine is a green choice in wood building projects.


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